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The BM Barn Dance/Ceilidh Band in Northumberland
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£420 - £570
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The BM Ceilidh band is a small, compact but perfectly formed band comprising of Mike on accordion and Gerry on guitar with Dave doing the calling. Each band member is a singer in their own right adding to the variety of performance. The band comes with its own PA and Public Liability. Bringing traditional music and dance to Northumberland with this English Barn Dance Band / Ceilidh Band. They are available for a variety of events as well as dances.

They will always turn up and provide a night steeped in traditional music and entertainment.
Caller Dave is incredibly patient at giving instruct ... more

The FE Ceilidh / Barn Dance Band in Northumberland
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£540 - £810
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The FE Ceilidh band are a lively four-piece band consisting of three fiddles and piano. You can hire this English Barn Dance Band for your dance in Northumberland. Two of the band have been playing together for over 25 years and have extensive experience of playing for dancing at all types of events, including dance clubs, weddings, reel parties, conferences, Burns nights, corporate entertainment, concerts, shindigs, knees-ups, hogmanay and hootenannys! Their caller has over 20 years of experience calling for all types of dances & dancers, from complete beginners to s ... more

The CP Ceilidh / Barn Dance Band in Northumberland
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£570 - £700
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Covering English, Scottish, Irish, French & European Ceilidh & Barn Dance, the CP Band consists of some of the most well known and talented musicians in the Traditional Music scene. All members are Scottish champions in their own right winning a mixture of solo awards as well as band awards. An ideal English Barn Dance Band / Ceilidh Band for a wedding or party in Northumberland. Band Leader Craig is used to communicating with and performing for audiences at a professional level and has personally gained experience performing the accordion at major concert venues all over Scotland. ... more

The MG Ceilidh / Barn Dance Band in Northumberland
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£870 - £1100
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An extension of their top Irish band (The WJ Band ref:4206.1), they are joined by experienced callers like Roger Newton, Fred Lloyd and Geoff Miller, who go together to form the MG Ceilidh Band. Planning a traditional English dance in Northumberland? Then this English Barn Dance Band could be for you.

The ceilidh band play a mix of Irish, Scottish and English tunes to accompany a mix of traditional dances to suit both beginners and experts alike.

Between the breaks, you are entertained with some of the bands extensive repertoire of great songs.

More about English Barn Dance Bands

The English Barn Dance Band pages list bands that are available in Northumberland. People often get confused by what is different about a Ceilidh dance, Barn dance or Hoedown. Barn Dance or Country Dance is the English terminology for basically the same kind of event, but with some specifically English tunes and dances, though many tunes and dances are claimed by a number of countries. If you are unsure, identify what kind of dance band would be suitable for your wedding day or celebration in Northumberland, click on the link below:

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About Northumberland

Northumberland is a paradise for those walkers who seek unspoilt and untamed landscape, space, solitude and that exhilarating sense of freedom that dramatic hill country can provide. Northumberland National Park and the Cheviot Hills provide spectacular scenery with vast straw coloured areas of open wilderness moor land and opportunities to see great wildlife including redshank and golden plover.

Stretching from the north of the county down the western side to the South Tyne valley the Park offers a range of scenic facets and walking possibilities. Of particular interest are the Breamish Valley, the beautiful Coquetdale and the Simonside Hills south of Rothbury which offer splendid views over much of Northumberland. On the west side of the National Park Kielder Forest Park offers quiet dark pine woods and the blue expanse of Kielder Water.

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