Explanation of price range

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Are you viewing the right page?

Is the page you are looking at for the county or town where you want the band to perform? If not, go to the Home Page and make your selection.

Why is there a big price range for each band?

It is a guide covering the things listed below:

Performance Time: many bands offer a range of performance times; e.g. a string quartet may offer a minimum of 1 or 2 hours, and a maximum of 3,4 or 5 hours. Our quote gives precise time options.

Travel: counties are big places and the travel time and cost to venues can vary considerably depending on where in the county it is. For towns, we give an indication for the locality of the town. Our quote is for a precise venue location.

Other variations: Our quote takes into account many other factors

Why you need to send us an enquiry?

An 'On-site' quotation can never cover all the things we consider when preparing a quote, and thus tend to end up higher than they need be. We use the information you give us to calculate the best price for any bands you've requested AND to select any comparable bands that could give even better value for your specific situation.  Use a 'Send Enquiry' button now to get a prompt email quotation. A few of the things we look at are:

Local Band: Prices include travel, so is there a comparable, more local band that can offer you a better price / better match to your requirements?  Travel time & cost can vary depending on where the event is relative to where the band are based; e.g. travelling a short distance through a city can be slow, zipping a longer distance along a motorway can be quick. We like to offer local bands.

Special Considerations: Where is / what is the venue / are there any logistical difficulties? Do you have special performance requirements?  etc. etc.  We try to highlight potential issue for you.

Are the prices more than you can afford?

There may be lower priced options. Check them out as follows:

Alternative Bands: use the drop down boxes at the top of the page you were just on, to select a smaller group. e.g. if you were looking at String Quartets, select  duos or trios, or Jazz Bands, select Duos;

Smaller Bands: scroll down the pages and look for bands with smaller line-ups that may be cheaper;

Let Us Help: send us an enquiry giving your price limit. We may be able to suggest some alternatives.

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