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The TJ Trio in the North East
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£560 - £860
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This is a quality trio delivering a polished, professional performance at every gig. Jon on saxes is a graduate of Nottingham University and is exceptionally talented on his instrument. A the North East Jazz Trio for all occasions. Geoff playing basses is currently studying for a Masters in performance at the R.N.C.M. Brian, a graduate of Hull has many years experience playing in a variety of ensembles in the UK and Europe.

The band are available for a variety of events and are an ideal choice for providing that touch of sophisticatio ... more

The Erstwhile Trio in the North East
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£320 - £570
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The Erstwhile Jazz Trio are a distinctive trad/dixie trio based firmly Up North. This Jazz Trio sets a perfect atmosphere for any the North East event. With a classic lineup of sousaphone, banjo and trombone, these boys can deliver an unforgettable experience. They're much more than the usual jazz band - 1920s songs, speciality tunes, banjo virtuosity and a magnificent selection of waistcoats are all on the cards. If you're lucky, they might even play Dueling Banjos (on one banjo)!

The MV Swing Band in the North East
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£980 - £1400
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So you're looking for something special for your event ? Look no further. The MV Swing Band take great songs and give them a makeover ! Your guests will be blown away by the creativity and style of the band. Imagine hearing 'livin on a prayer' or 'happy' done with a vintage style that gets the foot tapping.
The musicians really are top class. The band is made up of session musicians that annually tour with The Four Tops, The Temptations, Tavares, Freda Payne, The Platters, Martha Reeves and T ... more

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