Folk, Ceilidhs & Barn Dances for your Corporate Event

Ever wondered how to get everyone really interacting with each other, bonding, dropping their defensive shields? Try a Ceilidh or Barn Dance - nothing works like it!

Banquets are OK, but people tend to stick to the group on their table. The bar is hopeless, with the formation of non interacting cliques. A disco is dire, people can't talk above the noise. BUT A CEILIDH IS DIFFERENT. Everyone gets to interact with everyone else, in a friendly and non threatening way. The barriers of the organisation's hierarchy are broken down. AND people can talk to each other - the music isn't too loud.

We have put on Ceilidhs or Barn Dances for staff & management parties, sales conferences, company & client occasions and more. Even one sales event where there were 120 ladies and one (lucky) man. Any combination works.

Normally we would start the evening by playing a few tunes, to get people 'in the mood'. Then we get EVERYONE up for a first,  really easy dance, so that even those who are nervous of dancing find they can actually do it and that it is great fun. We would have a caller, who teaches the dances, so even people who have never been to a Ceilidh before can do it.

After a couple of dances we would play a tune if people needed a rest, followed by another couple of dances, and so on. Often there would be a break half way through for a buffet, so people could recover their energy, then on for a second half. If there are some experienced dancers, we would put in some harder dances for them, but all in all make sure that everyone is involved and having a good time.

All Ceilidhs or Barn Dances are similar in that there is a caller to organise the dancing, but the style of music and dance can be different depending on whether the band is playing Scottish, Irish, English, European or American music or a little of everything. Click to see & hear some Bands

For more about the styles of music and dance click What's the difference between a Ceilidh and a Barn Dance?

Also, remember that the venue is very important for the success of a ceilidh or barn dance as it has to have sufficient room for the dancers and a suitably even floor so as not to trip people.

Do a bit of advance planning - click things to consider when organising your Ceilidh or Barn Dance