FB Jazz Band ref: 6739

FB Jazz Band

The FB Jazz band have a swinging, bopping repertoire covering jazz from the 1920s to the present day. There is swing from the 1930s, bop from the 1940s and 50s, 'jazz flavoured' pop from the 1960s and some modern compositions, all played with their trademark Gypsy zing!

Their line up comprises acoustic guitar, violin/flute, keyboard and fretless bass, and all band members are vocalists. Their music can be sweet and chilled, or foot-stomping and heart pumping, with close harmony vocals and and a light seasoning of wit and banter.

Music includes "Here, there and everywhere", "A night in Tunisia", "Round midnight", "The Charleston", "Naima" and many, many more,

Audio samples are recorded live at a festival so there is a little background noise! More coming soon...


Benefit Gig"You all really made it for us, and I know everyone appreciated and enjoyed the music."
Concert"It was a wonderful evening and we were all pleased that so many people attended to contribute towards the cheerful atmosphere. Your spot was so well received which went to make the evening a most enjoyable event."
Magazine"Their reputation as one of the best live bands from the Cotswolds is well deserved. Playing a mixture of swing jazz and more contemporary pieces, they had the whole of the village hall rocking throughout the night."