The Led Zeppelin Covers Band ref: 6507

The Led Zeppelin Covers Band

This is a band that improvises a lot and strive to capture Led Zeppelin's live performances. They do not as a band stick to the recorderd tracks, every gig is different and every time they play a track it's different. The bands' musicians are top quality. They cover a huge range of this iconic bands monster hits. If you like Led Zeppelin you will love this band!!!


PhotographerEach member of the band is an established musician in his own right, but together they play superbly. It’s very difficult to pay tribute to inspiring music such as was produced by Led Zeppelin, while still being true to one’s own talent. Get Zeppelin manage to create an authentic mood and sound which goes down well with audiences who love the music. The band (GZ) will go far and will no doubt produce its own distinct following in the future. “ Donato Cinicolo