The BR Ceilidh / Barn Dance Band ref: 6413

The BR Ceilidh / Barn Dance Band

For a ceilidh with a modern twist - this band will make sure your event is truly electric! The BR band comprises of four Irish and Scottish musicians and offer a line-up of fiddle, bass, guitar and drums. They can also play as a 2 piece including caller or 3 piece including caller if space or budget are limited. Their caller will always ensure that you have fun at a ceilidh, whether you are a learner, a regular ceilidh dancer, or you’re watching from the sidelines enjoying the capers of the participants. The band specialise in weddings, and also play ceilidhs for St Andrews Night, Burns Suppers, school dances, birthday parties, fund-raisers and corporate events. This band will certaily add an exciting modern twist to traditional Celtic music.

The repertoire is extensive but don’t worry if you don’t know the dances - the caller will guide you with full instructions for each one. The dances are quite easy and you’ll have so much fun. Some well known ones include Circassian Circle, Dashiing White Sergeant, Gay Gordons, Strip the Willow etc.. A DJ is always included to play your favourite song for the first dance and later in the evening if required.


WeddingWe had been in contact with Mary, the band leader, via e-mail and met with her once in person prior to the wedding to discuss the plans for the evening, which was great. Mary is so lovely and every time I had been in contact with her nothing was a bother, she was always extremely helpful and open to what we wanted for our special day. The band played amazingly well on the night and they were also very patient with us and our guests, many of whom were attending their first ceilidh, so having the band act as caller in addition to playing was ideal! The music was fantastic and their presence at our wedding helped contribute to a day that we will never forget. We would definitely recommend the Band to anyone after them being so wonderful on our wedding day.