The DR Folk Band ref: 6256

The DR Folk Band

The DR Folk Band play at a wide variety of events, and play beautiful music to suit the occasion. This could be gentle harp and flute music from Wales or Ireland, or lively jigs and reels from Scotland, USA and elsewhere played on fiddle and guitar. They sing a selection of melodious folk songs, accompanied by flute, harp or guitar.

The DR Band play at the top folk festivals – Sidmouth, Whitby, Broadstairs year after year, and for several ‘Playford (Jane Eyre type) Balls’ e.g Cambridge and Norwich.

The aim of the DR Folk Band is to make your event go well, with the mimimun of fuss, and maximum enjoyment.

Photos and audio are of a three piece band. They now only play as a two piece.


Church SocialThat was a great evening at St Martin's on Saturday - many thanks to you, Moira and Clare for keeping us entertained.
WeddingMany thanks to you for your beautiful music, I could have listened to it for ever!
Care home"The performance transported the residents to a different place."