The FB Barn Dance/Ceilidh Band ref: 6005

The FB Barn Dance/Ceilidh Band

The FB Ceilidh / Barn Dance Band are happy to play at any event - from wedding to anniversary to birthday or village dance.
The Band play a mixture of English, Irish and Scots music and dances. They have their own caller to explain the dances and guide the dancers.

Their traditional sound is very lively, led by melodeons and concertina and supported with bass guitar, bodhron, drums, percussion, autoharp and whistles.



Birthday partyCan you please thank the various musicians of the band for their excellent efforts at Mandys birthday. I didn't get chance to say on the evening as I was busy with the guests etc. The feedback from all was overwhelmingly positive and everyone enjoyed their music and the dances. Thanks again. A great night