The LM Latin Jazz Group ref: 3744

The LM Latin Jazz Group

This band stir up a wonderful evocative concoction of world grooves and  latin fever. They cross boundaries mixing up gypsy and latin rhythms  refusing to be labelled as any particular genre blending jazz, ethnic  groove and flamenco styles all underscoring memorable and original  melodic songs tinged with lyrical melancholy but always managing to  come out joyous and life affirming.  

Embracing world sounds, the band seduce audiences who want more than  just latin rhythms. You can dance, you can listen, you will be enticed  and bewitched by their passionate and exhilarating performances and  leave dancing with their infectious melodies whizzing round your head.  

The band have spent the last year touring and promoting their first  album with a tour of UK Arts Centres including Wales Millennium  Centre, Warwick Arts Centre and The Castle in Wellingborough.  The band have featured on several occaions on the BBC.  

A Trio is also available.

Their grooves are spiced with Arabic, Rumba, Cuban, jazz and Brazilian  Bossa Nova flavours with English words that talk of longing and loss.


Village eventThe band transformed our aging village hall with their wonderful and  unique style of Latin American music. Everyone was on their feet  dancing - it was perfect for a hot June evening and made for a very  memorable celebration
Radio commentatorI’ve seen them live and they are absolutely fantastic!”