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Saxophonist Ken in Central Scotland
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£220 - £510
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Saxophonist Ken offers professional saxophone music with pro backing tracks. Ken offers a highly experienced service providing excellent music for weddings - ceremony/ reception/ main event. He is happy to work to clients requirements and customise his music to suit. Ken is also available in a Duo with a keyboard and also in a Quartet. Ken performs regularly and has worked with many artists and bands in a variety of concert, media and festival settings e.g. Jools Holland, BBC House Band, T in ... more

Pianist - Robert in Central Scotland
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£340 - £810
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Robert is a pianist and singer who graduated from Leeds College of Music in August 2012 with a degree in Popular Music, Piano and Composition. Robert has been working across the world for the largest entertainment company in the world, Disney performing at over 100 weddings in the last 2 years. A regular performer in Central Scotland.. From music as you walk down the aisle to pinao and vocals at your drinks reception, Robert can offer something special. Robert has an ever expanding repertoire ranging from the swing kings of the Rat Pa ... more

Singer Frank in Central Scotland
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£280 - £590
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Frank is a self-contained musical tribute to all things Swing and beyond, from the standards that made Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin famous to popular favourites by Nat King Cole, Ray Charles and Nina Simone.

Rather than taking an impersonator approach, Frank brings his own style to the performance, lending his fabulous personality to all the Swing standards that everyone knows and loves. An attractive option for dinners and events inCentral Scotland could be a Jazz Solos And Duo.. A gifted entertainer with over 20 years experience, he revives swing in his own accomplished style: pro ... more

More about Jazz Solos And Duos

The Jazz Solos And Duo pages list musicians who are available to perform in Central Scotland. They are particularly appropriate for wedding receptions and parties. To find out more about them, read on:

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About Central Scotland

Central Scotland is the most densely populated part of the country, stretching from Edinburgh in the East to Glasgow in the West. On a clear day you can stand on the Trossach Hills north of Stirling and see the sea on both sides of the country at this narrow point in the mid part of Scotland, the division between highlands and lowlands.

Shale oil was once minded and extracted in the central belt, but the slag heaps were largely removed in the 1970s. The steel industry also disappeared from Glasgow and the Central Belt, along with shipbuilding. The country has reinvented itself with high tech industries and both Glasgow and Edinburgh are world class cities of culture.

Music is strong with the Scottish Academy of Music and the Scottish National Symphony Orchestra, a strong folk and Ceilidh tradition, as well as pop and jazz.

Other types of music

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