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The CC Duo in Yorkshire
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£190 - £520
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This lively Duo perform live lounge-esque covers of popular and classic songs, stripped back and infused with a blend jazz and blues as well as many other styles. An excellent Jazz Guitarist for a small wedding or party in Yorkshire. It is important to them to bring a unique sound to whichever event they are hired for and they use their knowledge of musical theory and years of experiences in performing and listening to come up with interesting takes on your favourite songs. They are also able to take special requests and create their own arrangements to make your ...show more

The SR Acoustic Jazz Duo in Yorkshire
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£190 - £690
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This Duo combine rich, smooth vocals with sensitive and delicately spacious guitar accompaniments, performing timeless classics in a style that is unique and intimate. This Jazz Guitarist is local to the Yorkshire area.

By taking a simple yet innovative approach to music from the 1930's up to the present day, they have created an act that is classic, whilst at the same time breathing new life into songs that many people would call their 'old favourites'.

Their beautifully crafted arrangements provide a perfect and relaxing backdrop to re ...show more

The DS Jazz Duo in Yorkshire
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£330 - £670
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This brilliant vocalist, performs sparkling renditions of songs made famous by Ella Fitzgerald, Frank Sinatra, Nat King Cole etc. Supported by the superb guitar playing of Roy , this is great music performed with consummate skill,affection & good humour. This Jazz Guitarist will delight your guests in Yorkshire. The "feelgood factor"is guaranteed.

The Duo have performed at many prestigious venues including Ronnie Scott's club, The Dorchester Hotel, The Metropole hotel & Radio and television. Roy's guitar playing has been featured by Michael Parki ...show more

The TF Jazz Duo in Yorkshire
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£550 - £710
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This versatile duo of classical guitar, electric piano and jazz flugelhorn, form the perfect musical backdrop to your wedding, party or event. For an intimate event in Yorkshire this Jazz Guitarist could be what you are looking for. With a range of instruments and musical styles, the duo perform their interpretations of well known classical pieces, as well as jazz and popular songs from recent times, with the sole aim of creating the right atmosphere for your guests. Equally at home performing traditional music in your civil ceremony, or lively well known songs to get your guests ta ...show more

The SJ Jazz Duo in Yorkshire
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£850 - £1400
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The SJ Jazz Duo is made up of Paul and Ant; two of the UK's finest working jazz musicians. Both classically trained, they perform at a wealth of restaurants, hotels, jazz clubs, festivals, theatres, churches, museums, arenas and stadia.

Some of the most notable venues they have performed at include Claridges, Gleneagles, The Royal Festical Hall, Birmingham Symphony Hall and Wembley Stadium. An excellent Jazz Guitarist for a small wedding or party in Yorkshire.

More about Jazz Guitarists

The Jazz Guitarist pages list soloists and larger guitar ensembles who are available to perform in Yorkshire. They are particularly appropriate for wedding receptions, parties, restaurants and anniversaries. To find out more about them, read on:

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About Yorkshire

The wide River Humber forms the southern boundary of East Yorkshire and separates Yorkshire from Lincolnshire. It is the most obvious dividing line between the North of England and the Midlands. Humber is a Celtic river name meaning 'good- well' and the root of the name can be traced back to the Sanskrit 'Ambhas' meaning water. The antiquity of the name demonstrates the river's importance. The Humber gave its name to the ancient kingdom of Northumbria - the land north of the Humber and it forms one of the largest river estuaries in England, matched only by the River Severn and the River Thames.

Yorkshire is a huge county, and in our 'select county' drop down box we differentiate between North Yorkshire and South Yorkshire. Many of our Party Bands, Function Bands and Cover Bands will travel significant distances [this can be reflected in the price they charge], whereas many Classical Ensembles and Folk Bands only perform in a relatively localised area. So it is important to select your part of this large county when looking at music groups

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