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The BA Jazz Duo in Cumbria
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£300 - £480
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The BA JAzz Duo perform lively, inventive acoustic music on viola and guitar. Inspired by the musical legacy of Django Reinhart and Stefan Grapelli, they play a potpourri of gypsy swing, ragtime, blues, popular music of the 1920s, 30s and 40s, Tin Pan Alley hits and Celtic tradition with attitude.

Andy is a finger-style guitarist with a diverse folk-jazz background. Stephen is a classically trained viola player and seasoned orchestral session musician who has taught viola at Trinity College ...show more

The SR Acoustic Jazz Duo in Cumbria
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£410 - £660
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This Duo combine rich, smooth vocals with sensitive and delicately spacious guitar accompaniments, performing timeless classics in a style that is unique and intimate. This Jazz Guitarist is local to the Cumbria area.

By taking a simple yet innovative approach to music from the 1930's up to the present day, they have created an act that is classic, whilst at the same time breathing new life into songs that many people would call their 'old favourites'.

Their beautifully crafted arrangements provide a perfect and relaxing backdrop to re ...show more

The TF Jazz Duo in Cumbria
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£580 - £750
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This versatile duo of classical guitar, electric piano and jazz flugelhorn, form the perfect musical backdrop to your wedding, party or event. This Jazz Guitarist will delight your guests in Cumbria. With a range of instruments and musical styles, the duo perform their interpretations of well known classical pieces, as well as jazz and popular songs from recent times, with the sole aim of creating the right atmosphere for your guests. Equally at home performing traditional music in your civil ceremony, or lively well known songs to get your guests ta ...show more

More about Jazz Guitarists

The Jazz Guitarist pages list soloists and larger guitar ensembles who are available to perform in Cumbria. They are particularly appropriate for wedding receptions, parties, restaurants and anniversaries. To find out more about them, read on:

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About Cumbria

Darlington began as an Anglo-Saxon settlement on the River Skerne which is a northern tributary of the Tees. The town was later taken by the Danes and there are still many place names of Viking origin in its vicinity. Since Norman times Darlington has been a borough and the site of an important market and today it is arguably the `capital' of southern County Durham with its population of over eighty thousand much greater than that of Durham City. However, Darlington is no longer officially part of the County of Durham except in historical terms.

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