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The BR Irish  Duo in Essex
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£300 - £400
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This is an experienced duo playing all sorts of Celtic music in and around Suffolk, Norfolk and beyond. Their repertoire features modern and old favourites, some less well known Irish songs and ballads as well as jigs, reels waltzes and polkas. A favourite for parties in Essex.. Bill is the lead vocalist and guitarist, Terry provides backing vocals and plays mandolin and melodeon. Between them they have years of experience playing live on the local music scene, and around the country.

The LA Folk Duo in Essex
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£580 - £860
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They offer a duo of harp with uilleann pipes, flute and whistles - an unusual combination which makes for a head-turning alliance. Their music is foot-tapping and infectious, with a force and life to it. Together they offer a refreshingly modern approach, developing their own sound that is fun, lively and expressive. A regular performer in Essex..

The Duo have already won prizes for their duo act (e.g. The Herschel Irish Young Musician of the Year competition in 2002) and together they create a performance that is tight ... more

Country & Western Singer Dave in Essex
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£230 - £620
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Dave sings Country & Western, and Wendy works in the background setting up any requests and Dave's song lists. They cover a lot of country songs, but also a wide range from the 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s. An attractive option for dinners and events inEssex.. They perform mostly for parties that want country music and also garden parties. You can have an evening of all sorts of music from Dave & Wendy - and then, if you wish, a disco, as they also have a selection of line dance music. If given notice they can set up special music to add in to the ... more

The ST Duo in Essex
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£240 - £320
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This group present a unique musical tribute to perhaps the greatest collection of love poetry in the English language : William Shakespeare's sonnets. The band consists of two members who provide guitar and vocal accompaniment and a third and most important member, William Shakespeare, the lyricist. Whether a charity event in Essex, or a wedding - well worth considering.. The Trio have set a large collection of the 154 sonnets to music, performing them as songs. They describe their sound as mediaeval pastoral folk meets country blues meets William Shakespeare. A com ... more

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The Folk Solos And Duo pages list bands that are available in Essex. These are session bands, ie music to listen to, NOT ceilidh band to dance to. Find out how these bands could perform for your wedding or other celebration in Essex, by clicking the link:

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About Essex

The county of ESSEX has been in existence for some 400,000 years and is home to a number of towns and villages including Basildon, Braintree, Billericay, Brentwood, Chelmsford and Southend-on-sea. Whether you want to explore the vast countryside or discover the sea the county of Essex has something to offer everyone. Essex is renowned for being the driest seaside county in England. Essex is home to the seaside resorts of Davencourt, Frinton, Walton, Clacton-on-sea, St.Osyth, and Southend. The largest of the seaside resorts being Southend, boasting a large sandy beach, a splendid pier and various amusements. Essex has a rich and varied landscape comprising of valleys, rivers and estuaries.

With such a long history as a county, Essex has some historic wedding venues. Being a coastal county, it has had more contact with mainland Europe over the centuries than most, which has brought in musical influences from France, the low countries and Scandinavia, now much diluted by the loss of traditions.

A significant number of our string quartets in essex musicians were London based and trained, perhaps being attracted to the bracing sea breezes of the coast. jazz bands in essex presumably hide from the sea breezes, being more associated with night life and the in indoors. ceilidh bands in essex are popular the country over, and our barn dance bands in essex would bring any evening event to life. wedding quartets in essex are a must for every wedding day.

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