Classical Duos in Central Scotland for hire

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The GM Flute & Cello Duo in Central Scotland
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£680 - £1100
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This Duo of classically trained musicians offer the stunningly beautiful sound of the flute and cello combined with friendly and accommodating service to give excellent value for money. A Classical Duo for your wedding or dinner in Central Scotland is a compact alternative to a string quartet.
The two attractive musicians add a touch of elegance to any function from weddings, parties to corporate events.

More about Classical Duos

The Classical Duo pages list ensembles that are available to perform in Central Scotland. They are probably the most versatile music group for Weddings and Banquets. To find out more about them, read on:

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About Central Scotland

Central Scotland is the most densely populated part of the country, stretching from Edinburgh in the East to Glasgow in the West. On a clear day you can stand on the Trossach Hills north of Stirling and see the sea on both sides of the country at this narrow point in the mid part of Scotland, the division between highlands and lowlands.

Shale oil was once minded and extracted in the central belt, but the slag heaps were largely removed in the 1970s. The steel industry also disappeared from Glasgow and the Central Belt, along with shipbuilding. The country has reinvented itself with high tech industries and both Glasgow and Edinburgh are world class cities of culture.

Music is strong with the Scottish Academy of Music and the Scottish National Symphony Orchestra, a strong folk and Ceilidh tradition, as well as pop and jazz.

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