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The ST Jazz Trio, Exeter, Devon, ref: 3843.2

The ST Jazz Trio in Exeter, Devon

The ST Jazz Trio, Exeter, Devon, ref: 3843.2

This Trio use stunning acoustic backing tracks containing piano, double bass and percussion. These tracks have been recorded using real instruments; you won't find any cheesy computer generated stuff here!

Booking a trio is hugely cost effective but sounds just like having a full jazz band at your venue. A Exeter Jazz Trio for all occasions. We can also cram into a really small space.

A Solo & Duo is also available.

The JG Jazz Trio, Exeter, Devon, ref: 3942

The JG Jazz Trio in Exeter, Devon

The JG Jazz Trio, Exeter, Devon, ref: 3942

The JG Jazz Trio consists of smooth female vocals, upright double bass and skilful jazz guitar. They are a sophisticated outfit with a real air of glamour. This Jazz Trio sets a perfect atmosphere for any Exeter event. When Johanna is performing she has a unique ability to take on the personas of the stars from the past. You won't get the feeling that she's "doing Billie Holiday", but something of the essence of the classic recording will come through naturally as she sings.
They can play background music for an intimate occasion or more upbeat for cele... Read more

The JC Jazz Trio, Exeter, Devon, ref: 3933.1

The JC Jazz Trio in Exeter, Devon

The JC Jazz Trio, Exeter, Devon, ref: 3933.1

This group are one of the region’s leading jazz trios and are constantly in demand. The JC Jazz Trio has only one desire - to make your event a success and to surpass your expectations. Not just any Jazz Trio, this trio will be welcome at any Exeter venue. This is a band that can respond quickly to the needs of the moment, whatever the occasion. The band's good-humoured, professional approach to performance has ensured a "user-friendly" reputation.

Whether you require a laid-back mellow mood or the 'wow-factor' to keep things upbeat and exciting, this trio ar... Read more

The JH Jazz Trio, Exeter, Devon, ref: 3985.2

The JH Jazz Trio in Exeter, Devon

The JH Jazz Trio, Exeter, Devon, ref: 3985.2

The JH Jazz Trio's music of choice is a vibrant blend of Gypsy Swing, jazz standards and funky latin, all mashed up with some snappy arrangements and played from the heart. Exeter is familiar territory for this Jazz Trio .

Infectious rhythms played on an all-acoustic line-up of two guitars and double bass make the JH Jazz Trio a suitable addition for any event.

The SG Jazz Trio, Exeter, Devon, ref: 3791.2

The SG Jazz Trio in Exeter, Devon

The SG Jazz Trio, Exeter, Devon, ref: 3791.2

With over ten years of experience performing internationally, The SG Trio's personal and highly professional service is guaranteed to make any occasion memorable. A Exeter Jazz Trio for all occasions. With a unique and versatile repertoire of jazz classics and even personalised requests, their music is joyful, light and entertaining in equal measure.

More about Jazz Trios

About Jazz Trios who play in Exeter

Jazz Trio can cover a wide range of jazz styles, or be specialists in one Jazz period. If they are to perform in a small Exeter venue, then a trio takes up less room than a larger band and can create an intimate atmosphere.

Jazz Trios at Exeter Venues

A Jazz Trio could be ideal for your wedding reception or party in Exeter . Also have a look at the bigger bands and consider whether you want a smaller more intimate group, or a larger more upbeat band. Cost is also a consideration.

About Exeter

Exeter began as a Roman town. The Romans arrived in the Southwest about 50 AD they built a wooden fort on a hill near the river Exe at the lowest point where it could be easily crossed. (Exe is derived from a Celtic word meaning 'the water'). However the local Celtic tribe put up little resistance to Roman rule and about 75 AD the soldiers moved on. A town was then created on the site of the fort.

The Romans called it Isca. Like all Roman towns Isca had a rectangular space called the forum. This was the market place. It was also lined with shops and the basilica, a kind of town hall. There were also public baths in Isca. In Roman times people went to the baths not just to get clean but also to socialise. It was the Roman equivalent of going down the pub.

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