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The MZ Jazz Quartet, Tyneside, the North East, ref: 3616

The MZ Jazz Quartet in Tyneside, the North East

The MZ Jazz Quartet, Tyneside, the North East, ref: 3616

This band is made of up experienced jazz musicians from America, Argentina, Switzerland and England now all based in the north of England. They are ready to set a marvellous ambiance during your celebration, wedding, corporate event, birthday, anniversary, bar/bat mitzvah. This Jazz Quartet performs masterly jazz in the Tyneside area.

The most common line-up is a four piece with Drums, Bass, Piano and Vocals.

More about Jazz Quartets

Jazz Quartets – the perfect ensemble

A Jazz Quartet, rather like a classical String Quartet, is musically the perfect ensemble, with instruments to provide a full harmony. Bigger bands can produce a more lush and complex harmony, smaller bands a more direct feel, but the Jazz Quartet is often considered to provide the most balance.

Jazz Quartets for Weddings in Tyneside

A jazz quartet can create a fantastic atmosphere during the drinks reception. But remember that most bands have a PA system, so can’t move location and follow guests outside for photographs as a string quartet (without a PA system) can do. More typically the jazz band would perform for the evening celebration at your wedding in Tyneside.

Outdoor performance of a Jazz Quartet

In the warmer months of the year it may be practical for the Jazz Quartet to play outdoors. Be mindful that the weather is unpredictable in the UK. You might hope to have a fine day for your event in Tyneside, and it may even start out sunny, but a shower can come on in minutes. Most bands play with a PA system, which can take half an hour to dismantle, by which time it could be destroyed by the rain. So, unless it is a Trad. band playing without amplification, always set up the band under cover. Although a Jazz Quartet can’t relocate quickly like a classical string quartet can, if you are providing shelter such as a gazebo or small marquee, a jazz quartet is quite a compact unit so easy to provide shelter for

Jazz Band Styles

Jazz covers a huge range of music and styles that have developed and split since the late 1800s to the present day. Jazz means something different to different people. Furthermore, to an extent there are regional variations in what is expected, so someone asking for a Jazz Band in Tyneside may have a different style in mind to a person asking the same thing in another part of the country. So, when someone asks us for a 'Jazz Quartet’ we first have to discover what they have in their mind as 'Jazz'. That is why we let you listen to as many of our bands as possible on our web site, so that you can select the bands that play the style you like. (Go to 'Search' then select 'Jazz' from the first drop down box.) Because many of our bands cover a wide range of jazz and we are possibly limited in what we can let you hear by the recordings they happen to have made, it might be useful for you to read about the styles of jazz that our bands cover in our section on Jazz Repertoire.

About Tyneside

Bede's World provides an insight into South Tyneside as the cradle of Christianity 1300 years ago. The Venerable Bede (673 -735), medieval Europe's greatest scholar lived in Jarrow and his writings have cast the brightest light on England's Dark Ages.

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