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The SM Swing Jazz Quartet, Lincolnshire, ref: 3847

The SM Swing Jazz Quartet in Lincolnshire

The SM Swing Jazz Quartet, Lincolnshire, ref: 3847

The SM Band are a Quartet playing Gypsy Jazz from the 1930s and 1940s very much in the style of the "Hot Clubs of France". They have appeared throughout the Midlands at many festivals, hotels and restaurants and for dance groups such as the Lindy Hop & Bilbao Dancers. This Jazz Quartet performs masterly jazz in the Lincolnshire area. An atmospheric event with the Quartet will give you a delicious sense of nostalgia and an opportunity to sing and dance to some old classics like "Summertime" and "It don't mean a thing (if it aint got that swing)".

They are a ... Read more

The GW Jazz Quartet, Lincolnshire, ref: 3363

The GW Jazz Quartet in Lincolnshire

The GW Jazz Quartet, Lincolnshire, ref: 3363

Create the intimacy and romance of the swing era at your next party or event with the GW Swing Band. In and around Lincolnshire this Jazz Quartet is a perfect choice.

Available for private event bookings as a duo, trio or quartet, Gary and his band recreate swinging renditions of beautiful songs in ‘Rat Pack’ style whether for dancing or listening.

The Quartet also oplay Dixieland and Latin Jazz.The quartet is well suited for weddings, dances, corporate receptions, parties, 1940's events where high quality of music is appreciated.

The JE Jazz Quartet, Lincolnshire, ref: 3307

The JE Jazz Quartet in Lincolnshire

The JE Jazz Quartet, Lincolnshire, ref: 3307

This jazz quartet was formed out of love for 'Swing' music and a desire to perform it for others. Their aim is to provide an intimate glimpse of some of the most memorable songs recorded. This Jazz Quartet is local to the Lincolnshire area.

The quartet comprises piano, drums, double bass and male singer. Additional musicians are invited to perform for certain occasion s or venues if required or requested.

The Quartet specializes in events such as Wedding Receptions, Cocktail Parties and Jazz evenings, in fact, any event which requires t... Read more

Saxophone Jazz Quartet, Lincolnshire, ref: 3383.2

Saxophone Jazz Quartet in Lincolnshire

Saxophone Jazz Quartet, Lincolnshire, ref: 3383.2

This young, all female saxophone quartet play a range of classical, jazz and popular music including many of their own arrangements. An ideal Jazz Quartet for a wedding or party in Lincolnshire. They are a quartet dedicated to the provision of live music for every occasion - suitable for wedding ceremonies and receptions, garden parties, birthday parties, corporate functions, indoors and outside events.

The GG Jazz Quartet, Lincolnshire, ref: 3407.2

The GG Jazz Quartet in Lincolnshire

The GG Jazz Quartet, Lincolnshire, ref: 3407.2

Gary is widely recognised as one of the UK's classiest vocalists, regularly appearing in theatre and cabaret throughout Gt Britain and abroad and is also available for weddings and functions.

A classic singer in the Frank Sinatra and Tony Bennett mould, Gary can perform jazz with a trio, or a quartet to bring a touch of class to your function to make it an occasion to remember. This Jazz Quartet performs masterly jazz in the Lincolnshire area.

The quartet comprises keyboard, bass, drums & either sax of guitar.

The CFH Blues/Latin Band, Lincolnshire, ref: 3816.1

The CFH Blues/Latin Band in Lincolnshire

The CFH Blues/Latin Band, Lincolnshire, ref: 3816.1

This band is like no other band and has a totally unique sound and image! Combining swamp infested gypsy blues with wild guitar playing, voodoo vocals, latin american drum and trumpet grooves with rockabilly swing double bass and hooks that you can sing along to instantly, they have one of the most intense and utterly compelling live shows around. In and around Lincolnshire this Jazz Quartet is a perfect choice.

The band attracts audiences beyond a specific genre, their music is accessible to anyone and this is part of what makes them so unique! They have ... Read more

DL Jazz Quartet, Lincolnshire, ref: 3010.2

DL Jazz Quartet in Lincolnshire

DL Jazz Quartet, Lincolnshire, ref: 3010.2

The DL Jazz Quartet is one of the region's leading jazz bands. Dutch, the leader of the quartet, plays saxophone, clarinet, flute, trumpet and also does the vocals. With him are guitar, bass and drums. This Jazz Quartet is local to the Lincolnshire area. They can also play as a Quintet, adding female vocalist / sax player. Their repertoire is vast, exceeding some 800 pieces.

The Quartet play frequently across the whole spectrum of jazz venues; festivals, clubs, hotels and private functions in the Midlands, UK and further afield.

The MG Jazz Band, Lincolnshire, ref: 3124.1

The MG Jazz Band in Lincolnshire

The MG Jazz Band, Lincolnshire, ref: 3124.1

Parties, weddings, cruises and conferences. This band plays stylish, good-time music from the 1920s Jazz Age through to the 1980s, with vocals, for listening or dancing. No venue is too small or too large for them: intimate dinners or large marquee events, indoor or outdoors. They have a small strolling players option within the band and the fantastic pianist can play tasteful, background cocktail music for drinks or dining. An ideal Jazz Quartet for a wedding or party in Lincolnshire. Evening Dress, blazers and boaters or bow ties and jazzy waistcoats, t... Read more

The BV Gypsy Jazz Quartet, Lincolnshire, ref: 3795

The BV Gypsy Jazz Quartet in Lincolnshire

The BV Gypsy Jazz Quartet, Lincolnshire, ref: 3795

The BV Swing Band is a selection of some of the finest jazz and swing musicians in Yorkshire. With a repertoire ranging from 1930s Parisian Gypsy Jazz (A La Django Rheinhardt) to familiar standard show tunes the band are perfect for a wide range of occasions, events and venues. This Jazz Quartet performs masterly jazz in the Lincolnshire area. Whether you require mellow background ballads to accompany dinner or lively show stopping swing to fill the dance floor this Swing Band can deliver.

From small intimate bars, lively functions and summer festivals. Th... Read more

The SG Jazz Band, Lincolnshire, ref: 3568.1

The SG Jazz Band in Lincolnshire

The SG Jazz Band, Lincolnshire, ref: 3568.1

The SG Band is a vibrant young jazz group featuring the best of London's young jazz scene, including players from some of the UK's leading Music institutions including The Royal Academy of Music, London. In and around Lincolnshire this Jazz Quartet is a perfect choice.

The band has a wealth of live experience within its line-up. Collectively having toured England, Ireland, Europe and Australia as well performing at some of London's top jazz clubs including Ronnie Scotts, The Bulls Head and The 606 Club.

The quartet line-up features the dynamic combinat... Read more

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More about Jazz Quartets

Jazz Quartets – the perfect ensemble

A Jazz Quartet, rather like a classical String Quartet, is musically the perfect ensemble, with instruments to provide a full harmony. Bigger bands can produce a more lush and complex harmony, smaller bands a more direct feel, but the Jazz Quartet is often considered to provide the most balance.

Jazz Quartets for Weddings in Lincolnshire

A jazz quartet can create a fantastic atmosphere during the drinks reception. But remember that most bands have a PA system, so can’t move location and follow guests outside for photographs as a string quartet (without a PA system) can do. More typically the jazz band would perform for the evening celebration at your wedding in Lincolnshire.

Outdoor performance of a Jazz Quartet

In the warmer months of the year it may be practical for the Jazz Quartet to play outdoors. Be mindful that the weather is unpredictable in the UK. You might hope to have a fine day for your event in Lincolnshire, and it may even start out sunny, but a shower can come on in minutes. Most bands play with a PA system, which can take half an hour to dismantle, by which time it could be destroyed by the rain. So, unless it is a Trad. band playing without amplification, always set up the band under cover. Although a Jazz Quartet can’t relocate quickly like a classical string quartet can, if you are providing shelter such as a gazebo or small marquee, a jazz quartet is quite a compact unit so easy to provide shelter for

Jazz Band Styles

Jazz covers a huge range of music and styles that have developed and split since the late 1800s to the present day. Jazz means something different to different people. Furthermore, to an extent there are regional variations in what is expected, so someone asking for a Jazz Band in Lincolnshire may have a different style in mind to a person asking the same thing in another part of the country. So, when someone asks us for a 'Jazz Quartet’ we first have to discover what they have in their mind as 'Jazz'. That is why we let you listen to as many of our bands as possible on our web site, so that you can select the bands that play the style you like. (Go to 'Search' then select 'Jazz' from the first drop down box.) Because many of our bands cover a wide range of jazz and we are possibly limited in what we can let you hear by the recordings they happen to have made, it might be useful for you to read about the styles of jazz that our bands cover in our section on Jazz Repertoire.

About Lincolnshire

Lincolnshire is about forty miles wide and seventy miles long with a variety of scenery including fenland, woodland and, of course, the City of Lincoln. Although the county is one of the largest in England, its population density is one of the lowest, so there is plenty of open space and attractive countryside. The Lincolnshire Wolds, perhaps the most famous landscape feature of the county, are certainly the best destination for country walking.

This forty mile stretch of chalk upland to the west of Georgian Louth is exceptionally pleasing to the eye with scenes of sheep grazing on green rolling hills, deep valleys with hanging beech woods and sunlight glinting on peaceful streams. The Wolds also offer a striking contrast to the flat fenlands, rising to their highest point near Normanby le Wold. Attractive villages around which to base walks are Somersby (birthplace of Lord Tennyson), with fine views over the Fens; Old Bolingbroke; Tealby and Wold Newton.

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