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The FP Party Ceilidh/ Barn Dance Band in Cumbria

The FP Party Ceilidh/ Barn Dance Band, Cumbria, ref: 4340.1

This band offer entertainment ranging from exciting high energy dance music, slow gentle airs and inspiring songs. They perform a sizzling fusion of the acoustic with the electric, the traditional with the new. Cumbria is within this Barn Dance Band’s local performance area.

This lively Ceilidh band is composed of an experienced group of multi-instrumentalists whose variety of instruments include melodeons, keyboards, saxophones, whistle, guitars and bass plus various percussion.

The band also features an integral dance caller to guide both season... Read more

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The JG English Barn Dance Band + more... in Cumbria

The JG English Barn Dance Band + more..., Cumbria, ref: 4702

Based on an English Barn Dance Band, they can also include American, Scottish and Irish if desired. Playing an eclectic mix of traditional and contemporary folk tunes for dancing with good rhythms and clarity, this is a two piece English Ceilidh band plus caller. This Barn Dance Band is a regular visitor to Cumbria. Although the musicians both have classical training, they have spent many years playing and dancing in the folk genre.

The JG Ceilidh band play at PTAs, village socials, weddings, private parties for birthdays, retirements, and any... Read more

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The TT English Barn Dance Band in Cumbria

The TT English Barn Dance Band, Cumbria, ref: 6198

An all English Barn Dance Band. Combining the best in British folk music with modern rock and reggae rhythms, the TT Band is an experienced English Country Dance Band that provides strong infectious music for ceilidh and folk dances. An ideal Barn Dance Band for a wedding or party in Cumbria. They are part of the new wave of folk dance bands that plays strong funky music for people of all ages to dance to.

The band have a well established pedigree of musical ability and experience, with many years playing in the North West including festivals at Ke... Read more

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The RN Scottish Ceilidh Band in Cumbria

The RN Scottish Ceilidh Band, Cumbria, ref: 4740

An all Scottish ceilidh band. This band can play for Ceilidh’s, dances, functions, St. Andrews Night balls, Burn’s Night celebrations etc. They are experienced world wide travellers having played in South Korea nine times for St. Andrews Night balls and Burn’s Night celebrations as well as Holland, Germany, Poland and of course the UK. The Barn Dance Band performs regularly in Cumbria.

Band consists of Accordion, Fiddle and Guitar/Vocals/caller.

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OS Ceilidh Band / Barn Dance Band in Cumbria

OS Ceilidh Band / Barn Dance Band, Cumbria, ref: 4339

The O S Band specialises in playing for ceilidhs, barn dances and hoedowns. The band's danceable and foot-tapping sound is based on a varied range of instruments - melodeon, banjo, bouzouki, mandolin, acoustic guitar, electric guitar and bass. Cumbria is within this Barn Dance Band’s local performance area.

The sole aim of an O S Band ceilidh is a good time for everybody. They can guarantee an enjoyable and fun-packed evening of jigs, reels, polkas, waltzes and hornpipes - a really good night for all generations!

They usually start the evening with eas... Read more

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The LCS American Cowboy Ceilidh Band in Cumbria

The LCS American Cowboy Ceilidh Band, Cumbria, ref: 4821.2

An all American Barn Dance Band, the LCS Band offers a great Hoedown evening, just right for the 21st century with swinging tunes and dances to everything from Johnny Cash to YMCA. The band perform both with callers as a "cowboy ceilidh"and without as a storming dance band. This Barn Dance Band is a regular visitor to Cumbria. Their high energy show mixes dynamic songs with traditional tunes, and country takes on modern classics. The dance callers bring people together - you'll find yourself laughing with strangers! For a total hoedown showd... Read more

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The DF Irish Ceilidh Band plus Much more... in Cumbria

The DF Irish Ceilidh Band plus Much more..., Cumbria, ref: 4614.1

Loosely based on an all Irish Ceilidh Band, they can also include English, Scottish, American, Klezmer Scandinavian, Eastern European and French. The DF Ceilidh Band offer a broad repertoire of dances and music. Their infectious style and energetic performance suits all occasions, from weddings and festivals to corporate events and birthday parties. An ideal Barn Dance Band for a wedding or party in Cumbria.

The great thing about the ceilidh is that it gets everyone, young and old, shy or confident up on the dance floor. Don't worry if you don't know... Read more

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The RT Ceilidh Band in Cumbria

The RT Ceilidh Band, Cumbria, ref: 4628

The RT Band are an experienced ceilidh band who play venues throughout the North West of England. They play at folk festivals, parties, wedding receptions and other events. The Barn Dance Band performs regularly in Cumbria.

As you are probably aware, the great advantage of folk dance for a party (or any other event) is that your guests need not know anything at all about folk dancing as the whole thing is explained by the caller and walked through once or twice beforehand.

The line up for this band consists of melodeon, fiddle, guitar, b... Read more

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The TF Ceilidh Band in Cumbria

The TF Ceilidh Band, Cumbria, ref: 4681

With a huge repertoire of music and dances from the British Isles, and America. Cumbria is within this Barn Dance Band’s local performance area. The band plays for all the main Ceilidh nights, namely Burns Night, St. Andrew's Day, St. Patrick's Day, New Years Eve, and Hoe Downs for American Independence Day. BBC Music Live Festival, broadcast on the BBC, been twice featured on Radio Merseyside's Folk Scene programme, as well as many other local radio stations around the country

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The ODS Ceilidh Band in Cumbria

The ODS Ceilidh Band, Cumbria, ref: 4666.1

Acclaimed for their uplifting, grooving show, this band bring together thrilling arrangements of European folk music and self-penned tracks to craft a diverse and explosive set. This Barn Dance Band is a regular visitor to Cumbria. Fiddles, whistles, guitar, vocals, bass and percussion combine to show their folk, jazz, soul and world music influences with a clarity and maturity that has brought this lively group of young musicians a proliferate following.

The six-piece band come from across England, and share a wealth of musical experience – fr... Read more

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More about Barn Dance Bands

A Barn Dance for your Wedding in Cumbria

A Barn Dance is one of the best entertainments for your Cumbria Wedding. It gets both sides of the family and friends to interact and the volume is such that people can still talk to each other and catch up with whatever they want to catch up with. (Unlike when there's a disco on the go!) Anyone can do it, young or old, experienced or never done it before, either dancing or just looking and listening.

Normally the Barn Dance Band would do the first dance for a Wedding Ceilidh, whether in Cumbria or some other part of the UK. The barn dance gets going well that way. Some couples prefer to start doing a waltz then invite guests to join in. Some couple like the band to play a CD of pop music, provided by them, for their first dance, then move into the Barn Dance proper. That works well too.

The band normally get the dance going by playing a tune or two to get people 'in the mood'. Then get EVERYONE up for a first dance WITH the couple. No one can refuse, because it would be rude to the Couple. So, even those who are a frightened to try it, get up for the first dance. The band make sure that it is a very easy dance, so that even those who are shy of dancing find they can actually do it, and that it is great fun. But it really is up to you which way things start.

Barn Dance Bands have a caller, who teaches the dances, so even people who have never been to a Ceilidh before can do it. They would possibly include any dances from the Cumbria area that were in the band’s repertoire. Normally there is be a break half way through the barn dance for a hog roast or buffet, so people can stump up some more energy for the second half. If there are some experienced dancers, they might include some harder dances for them, but all in all make sure that everyone is involved and having a good time.

All Barn Dances are similar in that there is a caller to organise the dancing, but the style of music and dance can be different depending on whether the band is playing American or English music or a little of everything and whether held in Cumbria or some other part of the country.

About Cumbria

Darlington began as an Anglo-Saxon settlement on the River Skerne which is a northern tributary of the Tees. The town was later taken by the Danes and there are still many place names of Viking origin in its vicinity. Since Norman times Darlington has been a borough and the site of an important market and today it is arguably the `capital' of southern County Durham with its population of over eighty thousand much greater than that of Durham City. However, Darlington is no longer officially part of the County of Durham except in historical terms.

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