Why we only quote by email

When you send us an enquiry via the web site form, you will be prompted to give us all the information we need to be able to quote you properly. If you've asked for a specific band, we check our database to see if they are still available according to our records, perhaps selecting one or two alternatives you may also be interested in. If yours is a general enquiry, specifying for example the types of music covered, we can select bands that fit your specification, calculate any travel costs, and offer you up to 3 bands that give the best value to you. All our quotes include travel and VAT where applicable.

We then email you a quote with prices and a link to the relevant page of our website so that you can hear and see the bands offered. There is a link near the bottom of the quote to take you to our booking page if you decide to book one of the music groups.

This is time consuming and we don't want to keep you hanging on the phone. It gives you a proper record of what we have quoted you, so that you can refer to it as often as you like. It also eliminates the frequent misunderstandings that can happen when talking about bands and prices over the phone.