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The MW Marimba Duo in Swansea, South Wales
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£500 - £880
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The MW Marimba Duo's aim is to provide you with beautiful marimba music for your wedding and create an unforgettable atmosphere. If your Wedding Ceremony is in Swansea, this music group would be perfect to play during your entrance, during the signing of the register and as you both make your exit.

They believe that the mellow and soothing tone of the modern classical marimba places this duo alongside the harp or string quartet as an instrument capable of exquisite-sounding wedding music.

If your wedding is approaching and you are looking for something different for your wedding day music, look no further.

The TQ Flute & Piano Duo in Swansea, South Wales
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£330 - £990
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The TQ Flute & Piano Duo are a vibrant and innovative group who are passionate about bringing flute and piano music to life. Performing and often premiering brand new music and arrangements, their vivid and captivating performances shed new light on their instruments and give 'flute and piano duo' a whole new meaning. This ensemble performs regularly during civil and church wedding ceremonies in Swansea.

The TQ Flute & Piano Duo are an exceptionally versatile duo who can create a programme suitable for any occasion from classical/classical crossover recitals, to private partie ... more

The FB String Duo in Swansea, South Wales
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£600 - £1100
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Matthew and Sharon form a talented violin & cello duo. Matthew graduated with first class honours from London's Royal Academy of Music in 2000, whilst Sharon graduated with honours from Trinity College of Music. Whether it’s a Church Wedding in Swansea or at a wedding venue, these musicians will discuss and help you choose the music for . They are available in the UK for launches & openings, wedding ceremonies & receptions, corporate events, studio work, anniversaries, dinner parties, birthdays and more.

The SA String Quartet in Swansea, South Wales
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£770 - £1300
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This is a vibrant all-female string quartet based in London that combines youthful flair with enthusiasm and professionalism. Adaptable and reliable, they will provide a friendly and efficient service for you.

As individuals, they have worked extensively both at home and abroad with a number of orchestras including the London Philharmonic Orchestra. They will help you choose your favourite wedding songs for each part of your wedding ceremony in Swansea. Other work includes numerous theatre productions, private functions such as weddings, and freelance orchestral concerts.

Members of the st ... more

The GM Flute & Cello Duo in Swansea, South Wales
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£470 - £800
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This Duo of classically trained musicians offer the stunningly beautiful sound of the flute and cello combined with friendly and accommodating service to give excellent value for money. If your Wedding Ceremony is in Swansea, this music group would be perfect to play during your entrance, during the signing of the register and as you both make your exit.
The two attractive musicians add a touch of elegance to any function from weddings, parties to corporate events.

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GLAMORGAN:Swansea is in the county of Glamorgan

About Swansea

The history of Swansea is traced from its distant Viking origins to the modern city of today. From turbulent beginnings, Swansea grew into a successful port and centre of industry. During the second World War the Blitz destroyed much of the town, and as a result there have been major alterations to Swansea within living memory. Changes have also come about due to the decline of industry, and Swansea has developed a new identity as a city of culture, sport and leisure.

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