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The DF Ceilidh/Barn Dance Band in Strathclyde, Central Scotland
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Loosely based on an all Scottish Ceilidh Band, they can also include English, Irish, American, Klezmer Scandinavian, Eastern European and French. The DF Ceilidh Band offer a broad repertoire of dances and music. Their infectious style and energetic performance suits all occasions, from weddings and festivals to corporate events and birthday parties. Bring a bit of the USA to Strathclyde for a Hoedown with this American Barn Dance Band.

The great thing about the ceilidh is that it gets everyone, young and old, shy or confident up on the dance floor. Don't worry if you don't know ... more

More about American Barn Dance Bands

The American Barn Dance Band pages list bands that are available in Strathclyde. People often get confused by the difference between Barn dance band, Hoedown,or ceilidh band. They are basically the same thing, with some dances and tunes being common to all. An American Barn Dance or Hoedown will have American tunes (many of which originate from Ireland, Scotland and Eastern Europe, and some specifically American dances. In case you're uncertain, find what style of dance band would be suitable for your wedding reception or party in Strathclyde, simply click the link below to read more about each band:

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About Strathclyde

The Kingdom of Strathclyde - One of the kingdoms of Scotland that arose at the end of the Roman occupation of Britain was that of Strathclyde. At the height of its empire there stretched a kingdom from its capital Ail - Cluathe (Dumbarton) in the north down to Wales in the south. The people of the kingdom were Britons who spoke an early form of Welsh. The legend of Arthur arose from these people. Most of the kings are little-known, and their reign lengths are only approximate dates. The first mention of the Britons of Strathclyde is in Irish literature. Beinne Britt, or Beinne the Briton, led a Strathclyde army at the Battle of Muchramha, against the Irish in the middle of the third century. Art, son of Conn, is killed in the battle.

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