The MTS Ceilidh /Barn Dance Band ref: 4803

The MTS Ceilidh /Barn Dance Band

The MTS Ceilidh Band was founded in 2004 and play a heady mix of English, Scottish & European dance tunes complimented by some stomping foot percussion. The band comprises of two fiddles (one of whom also plays the MAndolin) and a caller who also plays Melodeon. Each individual member has a wealth of performing experience and the band perform regularly at weddings, private functions and corporate events, and have played at many of the Oxford Colleges. A mighty mix of trad. English, Celtic and European tunes for ceilidh dancing, delivered with an electric punch and a modern edge. Just the job for your hotel or church reception, bean feast, barn dance, or private shindig.

A recent line-up change means that the audio samples are not totally up to date.