The ODS Ceilidh Band ref:4666.1

Examples from repertoire

Virginia Reel
Julia Delanie’s/Man Of The House/Glentown/Miss Monaghan’s
Flying Scotsman (Zig Zag) or Witch Reel (Thread the Needle)
Kesh Jig
Muffin Man Jig
Point Road
In it (spin off)
Sleepy Maggie
Oxo Reel
Do Away With Bad Luck/The Priest’s knickers
Dashing White Sergeant
Mouseskin Shoe/Dancing In Allihies
Cumberland Eight
Masons Apron/Miss McLeod’s
Strip The Willow
Kid On The Mountain/Congress Reel

Fiddle Castro
Waltz (Rosa)
Newlywed’s Waltz
Miss Monaghan’s/Souter Creek/Cacodemon
Polly’s Earthquake/Jenny’s Welcome to Charlie
Cooking Pickles/Congress Reel
Wind That Shakes The Paprika
Lissadel/Mason’s Apron/Miss McLeod’s
Cwm Dieldre
Spaghetti Panic
The Silver Pin
Rosemann Bridge