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Country Dance Bands in  Leeds   

Find available country dance bands in   Leeds  on this web site of music groups

Filter Country Dance Bands in  Leeds  using the drop down box

Here are some of our country dance bands in different parts of the UK. To find country dance bands in   Leeds  select your county from the drop down box. This will show all of our country dance bands that perform in your part of the country.

Quotation and Booking - country dance bands in  Leeds   

If you are interested in one of our country dance bands, send an email for a prompt, no obligation quotation. Want to discuss the musical options and alternatives for your special day? Phone or email us at Midsummer Music. We are here to help. To book us, email or phone, it's that simple.      


Tunes sometimes played by country dance bands

   The Duke of York’s Camp. ; Ho Mo Chaileagan; Hon. Mrs Drumniond of Perth’s Delight; The Ballydesmond Polkas No 1 ; The Ballydesmond Polkas No 2 ; The Barley Mow ; The Bent Pin,; The Biddy Bowl Wife,; The Big Ship; The Black Bird ; Lady Elisabeth Montague’s Jig; Lady Elizabeth Cole’s Reel; Lady Ramsy’s Fancy; Lord Drighorn’s Reel; Mile to Ride, A. A Jig; The Bluebell Reel ; The Boar's Head ; The Breakdown,; The Brownie Banks ; The Burdett ; The Castle ; The Cat Walk ; Miss Ann Douglass Brigton’s Jigg; Miss Ann Monro’s Reel; Miss Barbara Hay’s Favorite; Miss Buchanan of Caxnbusmore; Miss Campbell of Monzie; The Chaco Waltz ; The Chest Of Drawers ; The Chickadee's Polka ; The Cobbler ; The Connaught Man's Rambles ; The Corner House Jig ; The Cuckoo ; Miss Charlotte Stirling’s Jigg; Miss Clementina Stewart of Garth’s Jigg; Miss Cochran’s Jig **; Miss Dalrym pie; Miss Douglas Brigton’s Jigg; The Dance of the Polygon ; The Dancing Dustman,; The Devil Among the Taylors ; The Director,; The Donegall ; The Doodler's Hornpipe ; The Drummer ; Miss (Dr) Grant’s Reel; Miss Grace Hay’s Reel; Miss Helen Campbell Ardmore’s Jig; Miss Isabella Robertson’s Hornpipe; Miss Isabella Robertson’s Reel; The Dublin Dance ; The Family's Pride ; The First Frost ; The Five Wells ; The Flight ; The Flowers of Limerick ;


Quotations about Country Dance Bands.      

Much has been written about folk music and country dance bands. Here are some quotations:-

Folk music will have an immense, transforming influence on music in countries with litile or no musical tradition. ~ Bela Bartok

Live Music for Weddings, Parties & Corporate Events in  Leeds   

Weddings - A lively and fun evening for everyone with one of our Country Dance Bands

You can hear samples of our country dance bands, online

Parties & Corporate events - Our highly versatile Country Dance Bands play for a wide spectrum of events, ranging from formal birthday parties to corporate sales events

Folk and Country Dance Bands can be really imaginitive with their names.      


Sacramento Street; Stone Circle; Sun Mountain Fiddler; Tale; Tanglefoot; Durty Linen; The Aardvarks ; Albireo ; All Blacked Up - Gig list - Notes and Recordings ; Alf Alfa and the Wild Oats ; The Angel Band ; Angels of the North - Northern Ceilidh. ; Asha ; Bash Street Dance Band ; Bang on the Wall ;