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English Folk Dance Bands in  Newton Abbot   

Find English folk dance bands available in   Newton Abbot  on our live music website

Use the drop down box to select  Newton Abbot  English Folk Dance Bands

Here's a few of our English folk dance bands across the UK. To find the English folk dance bands in   Newton Abbot  select your county from the drop down box. This will show all of our English folk dance bands that play in your area.

Quotation and Booking - English folk dance bands in  Newton Abbot   

If you are interested in one of our English folk dance bands, send an email for a prompt, no obligation quotation. Want to discuss the musical options and alternatives for your special day? Phone or email us at Midsummer Music. We are here to help. To book us, email or phone, it's that simple.      


History is reflected in the names of folk tunes. Here are some that may be played by English folk dance bands

   The Friendly Visit ; The Fruits Of Newbury - A New Bourree ; The General Gathering 1745 ; The Giant's Silver ; The Girl With the Blue Dress on ; The Girl With The Green Hat On,; Miss Mary Campbell Ardinore’s Jig; Miss Mary Garden of Troup’s Reel; Miss Mary Johnson’s Reef; Miss McDonald St. Martin’s Jigg; Miss Mercer’s Reel; The Glass Of Stout ; The Glendoan Fancy ; The Gobby O ; The Golden Farmer ; The Graceful Girl ; The Greenwood Tree ; The Grindstone,; Miss Nancy Dick’s Reel; Miss Napier of Merchiston Hall; Miss Oswald of Scotstoun’s Reel; Miss Russell of Blackball; Miss Sophia Campbell of Saddell ‘s Jig; The Guillemot's Revenge ; The Happy One-Step ; The Headlands ; The High Level ; The Holly and the Ivy,; The Household Brigade ; The Hundred Pipers; Miss White’s Jig; Mr Adam Robertson’s Favorite; Mr Baird of Newbyth’s Jigg; Mr Daniel McFarlane’s Delight; Mr Peter Duff’s Favorite; The Hurler's March ; The Indian Queen ; The Jolly Coppersmith ; The King of the Fairies ; The Lad with the Plaidie ; The Lady Of The Lake ; The Lamppost ; Mr Wilson’s Hornpipe; Mrs A. MacGlashan; Mrs John Clark’s Delight; Mrs McGee’s Reel; Mrs Maitland of Rankeillor’s Reel; The Lark in the Clear Air; The Lark In The Morning ; The Lassie's Fancy ; The Leaking Bagpipe For: Indiana ; The Leaving of Liverpool ; The Lodge Road ; The Lucky Linslader ; Mrs Muir Mackenzie’s Delight; Mrs Muir Mackenzie’s Fancie; Mrs Oswald of Auchencruive’s Favorite Reel;


What has been said about English Folk Dance Bands.      

Quotations about English folk dance bands and their instruments crop up throughout literature. Here are some quotations:-

The manner of the conveyance of sounds, which is as it were the basis of music, is unintelligible. For what can be more strange, than that the rubbing of a little Hair and Cat-gut together, should make such a mighty alteration in a Man that sits at a distance? ~ Jeremy Collier

Live Music for Weddings, Parties & Corporate Events in  Newton Abbot   

Weddings - A lively and fun evening for everyone with one of our English Folk Dance Bands

Hear online music from our English folk dance bands

Parties & Corporate events - a Ceilidh Band will get everyone up and enjoying the evening

Folk and English Folk Dance Bands can be really imaginitive with their names.      


Gloworms ; Grand Mamou ; Goose and Gridiron Band ; The Great White Steamchicken ; Grand Union :; Hannibal's Heroes ; Happisburgh Light Brigade, departing, ; Harkelees ; Hekety ; Hodges Dump ; Hole in the Wall ; The Hosepipe Band ; Inflammable Band ; Isinglass ; Jabadaw and the Jabadaw Trio ;