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English Folk Dance Bands in  Hatfield   

English Folk Dance Bands in the  Hatfield  area for a great evening

Select  Hatfield  English Folk Dance Bands using the drop down box

This is just a selection of English folk dance bands around the country. To find all our English folk dance bands in   Hatfield  select your county from the drop down box to view the English folk dance bands that play in your area.

Quotation and Booking - Interested in our English folk dance bands in  Hatfield   

Send an email for a prompt, no obligation quotation. Want to discuss the musical options and alternatives for your special day? Phone or email us at Midsummer Music. We are here to help. To book us, email or phone, it's that simple.      


English Folk Dance Bands repertoire contains a wealth of heritage

   Mrs Robertson of Lawers Delight; Mrs Roy of Nenthom’s Favorite; The Maid Behind The Bar ; The Meeting of the Waters ; The Minstrel Boy ; The Minstrel Boy,; The Monaghan Jig ; The Mug of Brown Ale; The Muses ; Mrs Trotter of Castlelaw’s Reel; Mrs Tulloh’s Jig; Pier of Bowmore, The; Perth Races; Sward House; The Naughty 'Noochie ; The New Year's Resolution ; The Old Grey Cat ; The Old Horned Sheep or The Humours Of Donnybrook ; The Ornithologist's Retreat ; The Pearl Wedding ; The Perfect Cure ; Rubber Dolly; Cottoneyed Joe; Durham’s Bull; Turkey Creek Hop; Sally Goodin; The Pinch of Snuff ; The Piper O' Dundee ; The Pleated Plaidie ; The Poker Party Polka ; The Polygon ; The Quaker's Wife ; The Queen's Jig ; Four Feathers; Chicken in the Breadpan; Granny Does Your Dog Bite; Sailors Hornpipe; Dusty Ridge; The Racehorse ; The Railway ; The Rant ; The Rocking Horse ; The Rocky Road To Dublin; The Rogue's March ; The Rollicking Irishman ; Arkansas Traveler; Happy Hollow Hornpipe; Appalachian Fling; Flop-Eared Mule; Virginia Reel; The Scholar ; The Scotch Ramble ; The Self ; The Sluggard Tapper ; The South Wind ; The Spaceman ; The Stone Court ;


What has been said about English Folk Dance Bands.      

Much has been written about folk music and English folk dance bands. Here are some quotations:-

Plant, what are you then? Your leafs ~ Mind me o’ the pipes lood drone ~ And a’ your purple tops ~ Are the pirly-wirly notes

Live Music for Weddings, Parties & Corporate Events in  Hatfield   

Weddings - With one of our English Folk Dance Bands you can be confident that your special day will be made even more memorable with music and dancing that everyone can enjoy.

Hear and see our English folk dance bands, on our web site

Corporate & Parties - Whatever your corporate event or party is for, our talented English Folk Dance Bands will have the right music and dance for the occasion.

English Folk Dance Bands can have names steeped in history or simply 'off the wall'      


Last Resort Ceilidh Band ; Late Night Band - hibernating ; Life of Reilly; Liquid Engineering ; The Little Band ; The Long Meg Band ; Magic Bush Brothers ; Mallemarokers ; Matchless Ceilidh Band ; Metric Foot ; Moondance ; Moves Afoot ; Mrs Widgery's Lodger ; Neck of the Wood ; New Victory Band ;