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English Ceilidh Bands in  Manchester   

List english ceilidh bands who perform in the  Manchester  English Ceilidh Bands

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Below is a selection of bands around the country. To find all our english ceilidh bands in   Manchester  select your county from the drop down box to view the english ceilidh bands that play in your area.

Get a Quotation or Book one of our english ceilidh bands in  Manchester   

Interested in our music? Send an email for a prompt, no obligation quotation. Want to discuss the musical options and alternatives for your special day? Phone or email us at Midsummer Music. We are here to help. To book us, email or phone, it's that simple.      


Folk tune names are a record of our heritage

   Dusty Ridge; The Racehorse ; The Railway ; The Rant ; The Rocking Horse ; The Rocky Road To Dublin; The Rogue's March ; The Rollicking Irishman ; Arkansas Traveler; Happy Hollow Hornpipe; Appalachian Fling; Flop-Eared Mule; Virginia Reel; The Scholar ; The Scotch Ramble ; The Self ; The Sluggard Tapper ; The South Wind ; The Spaceman ; The Stone Court ; Turkey in the Straw; Rocky Ground; Sally Ann; Fair Haired Lassies; Temperance Reel; The Swallow's Tail ; The Swiss Boy ; The Sylph ; The Tipsy Parson ; The Toastmaster ; The Ton or Jessie's Hornpipe ; The Trouper ; Paddy on the Turnpike; New Autumn; Indian Summer; Two Day Fling; B is for Bluegrass; The Wandle ; The Waterloo Dance ; The Waterloo Dance,; The Weaver and His Wife; The West End ; The White Cockade Les ; The White Cockade standard ; Cajun Fiddling; Sweet Brown Eyed Girl; Jole Blon; Cajun Fiddle; Cajun Cookin’; The Widow Magee ; The Wild Irishman ; The Wonder ; The Yeti ; Thee More, Never Love ; There Came A Young Man,; Thirty Years Ago ; Texas Schottische;


What has been said about English Ceilidh Bands.      

Plays and novels have made reference folk music and english ceilidh bands. Here are some quotations:-

Let me play to you tunes without measureor end, ~ Tunes that are born to die without a herald, ~ As a flight of storks rises from a marsh, ~circles, And alights on the spot from which it rose. ~Hugh MacDiarmid

Live Music for Weddings, Parties & Corporate Events in  Manchester   

Weddings - Everyone can enjoy an evening with one of our English Ceilidh Bands, from the children to the grandparents.

Hear and see our english ceilidh bands, on our web site

Corporate & Parties - Whatever your corporate event or party is for, our talented English Ceilidh Bands will have the right music and dance for the occasion.

Here are just a few of the unusual names of English ceilidh bands & other kinds of folk band      


Cafe Sol Band ; Candleford Ceilidh Band ; Pugwash Band ; Captain Swing ; Chalktown ; Cheap Jack ; Chipolata 5 and the more street theatre Chipolatas ; Citizen Camembert ; Cock and Bull ; Cock of the North ; Committee Band ; Continental Drift or just The Drift ; Dansaul ; Dave Whetstone Band ; Def Sheppard ;