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Scottish Folk Bands in  Swansea   

Find scottish folk bands available in   Swansea  on our live music website

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Here's a few of our scottish folk bands across the UK. To find the scottish folk bands in   Swansea  select your county from the drop down box. This will show all of our scottish folk bands that play in your area.

Quotation and Booking - Interested in our scottish folk bands in  Swansea   

Send an email for a prompt, no obligation quotation. Want to discuss the musical options and alternatives for your special day? Phone or email us at Midsummer Music. We are here to help. To book us, email or phone, it's that simple.      


Folk songs tell a story

   Amang the Trees - - Amang the trees, where humming bees - At buds and flowers were hinging, O, - Auld Caledon drew out her drone, - And to her pipe was singing, O. - 'Twas Pibroch, Sang, Strathpeys, and Reels, - She dirl'd them aff fu' clearly, O, - When there cam a yell o' foreign squeels, - That dang her tapsalteerie, O! 2. Their capon craws an' quer 'ha, ha's,' - - hey made our lugs grow eerie, O - The hungry bike did scrape and pike, - Till we were wae and weary, O. - But a royal ghaist, wha ance was cas'd - A prisoner aughteen year awa, - He fir'd a Fiddler in the North, - That dang them tapsalteerie, O!


What has been said about Scottish Folk Bands.      

A sample of what has been written about scottish folk bands. A Quotation:-

I live by twa trades, sir . . fiddle, sir, and spade; filling the world, and emptying of it. ~ Walter Scott

Live Music for Weddings, Parties & Corporate Events in  Swansea   

Weddings - With one of our Scottish Folk Bands you can be confident that your special day will be made even more memorable with music and dancing that everyone can enjoy.

You can hear samples of our scottish folk bands, online

Parties & Corporate events - Our highly versatile Scottish Folk Bands play for a wide spectrum of events, ranging from formal birthday parties to corporate sales events

Scottish Folk Bands can have names steeped in history or simply 'off the wall'      


The Long Meg Band ; Magic Bush Brothers ; Mallemarokers ; Matchless Ceilidh Band ; Metric Foot ; Moondance ; Moves Afoot ; Mrs Widgery's Lodger ; Neck of the Wood ; New Victory Band ; Nightwatch ; Nothing Sacred ; The Oak Apple Band, ; ODE ; Off the Rails ;