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Irish Folk Bands in  Norfolk   

Find available irish folk bands in   Norfolk  on this web site of music groups

Use the drop down box to select  Norfolk  Irish Folk Bands

Here's a few of our irish folk bands across the UK. To find the irish folk bands in   Norfolk  select your county from the drop down box. This will show all of our irish folk bands that play in your area.

Quotation and Booking - irish folk bands in  Norfolk   

If you are interested in one of our irish folk bands, send an email for a prompt, no obligation quotation. Want to discuss the musical options and alternatives for your special day? Phone or email us at Midsummer Music. We are here to help. To book us, email or phone, it's that simple.      


A folk song is often a story

   The Golden Glove - - A wealthy young squire of Tamworth, we hear, - He courted a nobleman's daughter so fair; - And for to marry her it was his intent, - All friends and relations gave their consent. - 2. The time was appointed for the wedding-day, - A young farmer chosen to give her away; - As soon as the farmer the young lady did spy, - He inflamed her heart; O, my heart! she did cry. - - 3. She turned from the squire, but nothing she said, - Instead of being married she took to her bed; - The thought of the farmer soon run in her mind, - A way for to have him she quickly did find. - - 4. Coat, waistcoat, and breeches she then did put on, - And a hunting she went with her dog and her gun; - She hunted all round where the farmer did dwell, - Because in her heart she did love him full well:


Quotations about Irish Folk Bands.      

Much has been written about folk music and irish folk bands. Here are some quotations:-

If a man were permitted to make all the ballads, he need not care who should make the laws of a nation. ~ Andrew Fletcher

Live Music for Weddings, Parties & Corporate Events in  Norfolk   

Weddings - A lively and fun evening for everyone with one of our Irish Folk Bands

You can hear samples of our irish folk bands, online

Parties & Corporate events - Our highly versatile Irish Folk Bands play for a wide spectrum of events, ranging from formal birthday parties to corporate sales events

Folk and Irish Folk Bands can be really imaginitive with their names.      


Yarmarka; The Oxford Waits; Magpie Lane; Mackating; The Christminster Singers; The Witches of Elswick; Amazing Incredibles; Arrogant Worms; Babes With Axes; The Banded Geckos; The Bracken Rigg; Slide; Last Resort Ceilidh Band; BeerBarrels, The; Banquo;